What to look for in a Wedding Photographer

It’s arguably one of the most important decisions you’ll be making for your wedding day: choosing your wedding photographer. So it’s understandable for you to feel like it’s one of the more difficult and nerve wracking tasks to do. But it certainly doesn’t have to be!

As you sift through portfolios, Pinterest pegs, and photos that tickle you pink, start to ask yourself: What is most important to you? How would you like your memories to be captured? What are the qualities you want in a photographer?

In my years as a wedding photographer, I’ve come to notice the top three things that are most valued by the brides and clients who have entrusted their lifelong memories to me.  And it all boils down to:

Style. Connection. Trust.


What style are you looking for?


Are you looking for a more natural light aesthetic or one with powerful contrast? Are you looking for a more editorial or photojournalistic shoot?  Know what will make you happy—not just for now.  Remember, these are memories you’ll want to look back on and still appreciate years and years down the line.

A good way of really seeing a photographer’s style is to see a full set of photos they’ve taken from a wedding.  From there you can gauge whether they’re able to capture the moments that are important to you, or if a story pops through the photograph which is a good indicator of their storytelling skills.  

In my practice, I focus on more natural lighting because I want your moments to look as real as possible. For couple portraits, I enjoy a combination of documenting moments and being a director, especially when there are so many beautiful elements in a setting that can be used to really showcase the couple.

Connect with your photographer


Think about it: among all your other vendors, you’ll be spending the most time with your wedding photographer. That said, it’s really important to establish a connection from the get-go. Connection is key because if you like them, get along with them, and have fun throughout the process, it will definitely reflect in the photographs being captured.  Imagine a photographer who can make you feel at ease, enough to enjoy the moment. Your smile, your body language, and general vibe throughout the day will really shine.

So make sure your wedding photographer is someone you won’t hesitate to get comfortable with. When you go out and meet them for the first time over coffee, open up and let them learn a bit more about you and your story apart from just your requests. Just as friends would. Because that’s who we’ll be throughout your wedding!



This is part of the connection you have with your photographer. Liking them eventually results to trusting them. Trusting that their style is what makes you happy, that they are doing their very best, trusting that they know just how important your wedding is.  And most importantly, trusting that their heart is in the right place. They need to be in it to make you happy.

A little hack: You can count on Engagement shoots as “testing the waters” with your wedding photographer. Through this experience, you can get to know each other better and warm up to how they work around you and your moments. If you’re happy with how the intimate moments with your beau were captured, then you’ll most likely love how the more special ones on the big day itself will be captured.  I’ve become really good friends with those I’ve had engagement sessions with, that it’s such a blast all throughout the wedding day and process.

So again, finding your wedding photographer doesn’t have to be so nerve wracking. In fact, it can be like meeting a new friend. Someone you can connect with through your likes, and someone you can entrust your most special day to.