5 Picture Perfect Destinations for your Vancouver Engagement Session

There’s something magical about the gentle waves by the ocean or willow trees brushing away with the wind. If you gravitate to parks, mountains, and anything by the water, then Vancouver definitely doesn’t disappoint in that department. Although I’ve come to call it home, I find that there’s always something new to discover that takes my breath away—whatever season, and whatever the weather conditions. No two visits ever feel the same, and I think there’s quite a charm to that. And who wouldn’t want just as magical a backdrop to their engagement session? Below I’ve rounded up my favorite spots that I recommend couples check out!

Trout Lake Park


This is a beautiful park in East Vancouver that doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves.  It has lots of wide open spaces and a beautiful row of autumn colored trees if you catch it at the right time. For dog lovers, it’s worth mentioning that you’ll probably get to play with a few cute dogs as they run around in the park during your shoot!  It’s always a plus when that there aren’t many tourists in this spot too, that way you have an easier time getting comfortable with your surroundings and playing around with the scenery!

Whytecliff Park


Located in West Vancouver, this place is absolutely perfect for sunset sessions! The water by the rocky mountains always seems to glisten. There’s also such an enticingly crisp combination of different textures—rocks and leaves, or a garden and a beach—that really makes for a dramatic, very-Vancouver backdrop.

Cypress Falls Park


Here’s another West Vancouver favourite. It’s as if a fairytale forest had popped out of a storybook. Incidentally, not too many people really come here which easily makes it another one of my favorite photography sanctuaries that isn’t too far away from the city. There are stretches of trees, the trails are easy, and on a hot sunny day, it provides the right amount of shade so my couples aren’t feeling roasted by the heat.   

Stanley Park


The most popular and largest park in Vancouver. The reason why I love Stanley Park is that it’s so massive that you can drive around and choose any spot and it would still be picture perfect. Try to go for weekdays to avoid the crowd. Rent some bikes, leisurely stride along, or lay on the grass and take in all that fresh air—any one you choose will turn out just as picturesque. The Rose garden is breathtaking,  leaves change colors together with the season, and you’ll be feeling carefree in no time.

Van Dusen Gardens


This is the only one on my list where there is an entrance fee—but I think it’s absolutely worth it.  This botanical garden has over 7,500 plant species and varieties from around the world spanning its 55 acres. It’s a sanctuary from a dream sequence come to life.